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hahaha, after about 5 or 6 years I finally have a computer. trying to get back into the arashi community is not surprisingly really difficult. all the communities i was apart of have changed or vanished, and all the new ones i have to begin the process to find and join them. i feel very old. i cant find my friends page on the new livejournal site, and i dont know how to do anything. even my layout and icon are suuuuuuper old hahaha. i think i'll keep it that way. adds nostalgia!

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gahhh. i haven't posted in so long. didnt i say in the beginning i was bad that these type of things?! i've never had a steady diary. even my xanga got boring after awhile. anyways... doubting anybody will read this, but more for me i guess. i've finished d and g no arashi and started my AnS marathon. Episode 75 with the Chihara Brothers, they were doing their 'What were you doing last night' and Arashi started talking about how they go out to eat together and know each others phone numbers. Ogu-san said these are five good friends here. What did the Chihara Bros say? 'Arashi will climb up' Hahaha I just think thats so funny! Because thats exactly what happened. Annnnnd their friendship is a huge part of it.

I'm done now lol. I have to finish my episode.
btw.. i have no diskspace. i keep deleting things! it sucks!!!!<input ... ></input><input ... >


 i haven't posted in two months. i wish i would've made time to write in this, but pledging is over. finals are over. school... is almost over. i'll be going back home to detroit for spring break. probably over spring break or when i come back to chicago, i'll reply to all the comments i never responded too hahaha. i feel so bad.

so anyways, the reason why i'm suddenly posting like this is because i heard a little bit of Arashi's new song To Be Free, and I really like what I hear. I feel like this is a song that I want to randomly hear when I acheive something great. Like climbing a mountain or doing something that would fufill a dream. I just wanted to say that. I'm so glad that the band I love is Arashi. I feel that there has been no wrong turn with them, and everything they do is magic. I could go on and on about how much they mean to me, but on LJ.. on this community, I know you all feel the same. So lets all just take a second.. and breathe in. This is the best family to be apart of. Thank you everybody, even everybody who will never read this, for being the best fans in the world.

This was engraved in my ipod touch: Let the melodies flow in you. The (Storm) is not over. 


you know that red album and silver thing from Arashi's Anniversary Concert? Does anybody have them? Willing to sell them? Lol, and also a AAA 2008 shirt?  

Tonkatsu... :)

 So if you're wondering how that communications midterm went.. not good would be the answer. HA. oh well, there is always the final exam. After I finished my exam, I went to my teacher and told her to watch Smile. Hahaha, she said she would when I sent her the link to it. Nice! I hope my teacher becomes a fan of at least that drama, then I can slowly convert her to liking Arashi. So anyways, I've been pretty busy lately with sorority stuff. Theresa and I have been working on the dance for formal. Since I'm mainly doing the choreography you've got some original, So Real Cru, and Arashi dance moves thrown in there. I was stuck trying to figure out a step and thought, wait! What's that step from Happiness that they do? I'll use that! hahaha, this dance is going to be awesome. I love it. So anyways, ever since I've gotten this money I've been a little reckless. Spending money here and there and everywhere. Not that it's needless things, I've bought things I've really been wanting. It's just been buying everyday haha. Two days ago I wanted to go to a japanese store to pick up some tonkatsu and okonomi sauce. I stepped on the train and realized I had no idea where the store was. So then I tried to use the internet on my phone, and realized that my service had been cut off. So I just decided to go to the downtown campus of school and hang around the book store for a bit while I paid my bill. Whilst hanging at said book store, I ended up buying two books and a gift for my big. Which sucks, because I'd been eyeing a Kanji book for like half an hour and put it back saying 'No I don't want to spend money' and ended up buying something anyways. I think when my schedule is free I'll go back and buy it. I really like learning kanji haha. So after paying my bill I could finally use my internet and saw that I'd gone in the complete opposite direction of the store, so I hoped back on the train. I got a little more than tonkatsu sauce, but its okay really since I've been in a cooking mood lately. Ahhhhh! Let me just say, that my first time making tonkatsu was absolutely blissful. 

You know how Arashi screams Umai?

Holy crap that was me. Ahhh, i can't even tell you how amazing my food was. I'm getting hungry again just thinking about it. It was amazing, and something I'll cook quite often. It was really easy! And the sauce. I'm a sauce kind of girl, and tonkatsu is really allll about the sauce. Today maybe I'll make okonomiyaki, though I've been avoiding it since it's so much work. Well not really, but whatever lol. 

So today, I'm going to be tallying up I'm spending on Arashi, then try to quit spending money. After this I'm done! So I'll talk to you guys (myself lol) laterr.. 

ja ne :)
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geeky ^_^

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 i've been up all night trying to study for communications. i have to write an essay on it, and then study for my midterm later today. lucky i got my money because i'll have to go buy the book and read it all today before class! hahaha. i haven't written in here for a couple of days. boo. after my amazing day, the week kind of slowed down. my momentum stopped. overall it has been a good week so i'm not complaining. i've just been really busy lately, well... since monday haha! i'm hoping this all nighter will fix my late bedtime habit. 

so anyways, i'm doing my communications paper on smile! we have to take some form of media like a show or movie, and demonstrate how it shows communication. i wasn't sure what to use, but as i kept taking notes smile just kept coming to my mind. being half filipino myself, and it being one of my favorite dramas ever i decided it'd be good motivation to get me through this essay. so i've been up all night, watching smile. i skipped right quick to ep 5 where boss dies, and immediately started crying. hope my roommate didn't hear me, how embarrassing. i'd forgotten how much i cried during this series, actually no i didn't. it's almost like i wanted to cry lol. i'm weird. 

anyways, i'll be writing this essay, then around 9 i'll go and buy my communications book and read it all. yesterday was my japanese midterm and i was a little nervous since i had been cutting class and not studying. but thank goodness i watch so much arashi stuff, because i completely bullshitted a sentence based off what i hear them say all the time. i checked it with sensei and she said it was right! and was surprised i knew how to say something like that. i was so nervous for the exam that i had written some answers on my hand hahaha. it turned out that the exam was super easy! for me at least, and i didn't use my cheats at all. go me! 

well anyways.. hopefully i'll write in hear later today. i have to finish my essay! 

ganbarimasu.. sigh
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kawaii jun


 Today has got to be the most fabulous day ever! 

Last night I had decided to cook breakfast in the morning. I made a to-do list, planned everything out and went to bed a little after 5am. I planned on waking up around 10:15am. My lovely mother decides to call me at 9am and talk to me for almost an hour. At first I thought this was bad, but she brought greeeeeeaaaaaaaat news! I finally received my check from the bank which now means that I'm  fuckin balliin. Hells yea. Hahaha, anyways she kept me up and forced me awake so instead of going back to bed like I usually do, I simply started my day a little bit early. Now to you all you might think that this is something stupid to brag about, but you have to realize that most of the time I oversleep my classes, wake up around 2 and pretty much suck at life. Hahah, my roommate was in the bathroom when I woke up, so when she came in the room I was on the phone completely functioning. "MALISSA! You're awake!", "I know, I'm surprised myself.". 

I cooked breakfast this morning and washed my dishes. Took out the trash and recycling bin and now I have money for laundry! For breakfast, I opted for a more traditional route and made tamagoyaki, rice, and miso soup. I almost felt refreshed when I tasted the soup, I haven't had miso soup in awhile so it's flavor was very refreshing. I was a little worried when making the tamagoyaki because I thought I'd added to much soy sauce, so I sprinkled a little sugar on top of the roll and it tasted delicious! Lately I've been thinking about seriously studying about cooking. 

I ate and chilled out, watched some Arashi vids before class. Then at class I just spaced out lol, left early. I'll do my homework later! I went to the mail room and what a huge surprise! I FINALLY got the package I'd been waiting for! I have all my clothes now and my paycheck from work! Quick story, during christmas break I brought laundry to a friends house the day before I left back for school and forgot it there. So I had it mailed to me, and it finally came! Along with my paycheck which was bigger than I expected. Pluuus, to my huge surprise Lola Adel sent me a birthday card (my first one!) with money in it! Which is the only way I take my cards hahaha. I bought juice and milk from the student center since I was running low. I've been in my dorm pretty much just chilling. I called around the school and got the clear to drop one of my classes, so now I'm not in animation anymore! I hated that teacher haha. Now I only have to focus on 4 classes. I'll be leaving soon to cash my check and birthday money. Hopefully my mom deposited my check from the bank in my account already. After that I'll be going to japanese class which is always amusing. My teacher is so cute! and I'll finally be able to buy subway!! Yess! I'll update tonight about the rest of my wonderful day. 

Perhaps on my way back from class I'll pick up some ingredients to cook? Lately I've been missing home cooked food. The cafeteria and microwave can only take me so far before I get fed up. 

Ja ne :)
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 gah. 3am already!
i think i'm going to hit the hay early this time. and compared to 6 or 7am (and yes even 8!) this is pretty early for me. besides my class starts at 1 tomorrow. i tried hard today to do my homework, but i have no motivation at all. perhaps going to class tomorrow will help. further more, i might just go to the library tomorrow. either then or tuesday. 

i keep finding more and more arashi things to buy! at this rate, i wont have any money left hahaha. oh well, i can only buy so much. 

i feel like if i really tried, i could've wrote this in japanese. but i'm too lazy, and i don't want to type much since my roommate is trying to sleep. 

Ohh!! So Utada Hikaru is coming to chicago soon! I want tickets! I'm calling tomorrow ^_^

it feels weird not capitalizing anything. guh, oh well haha. 
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